Sandy Ridge Demo: Saturday, June 21st with Pivot Niner and Yeti

Lots of folks made it out to our last demo, but this time you get to choose from nearly 100 bikes! Yeti has their new 27.5″ wheeled 575, Pivot will be representing with their Mach 6, and Niner will have… bikes with 29″ wheels! Join us Saturday June 21st from 9am to 4pm and try …

Demo Day

Demo Day At Sandy Ridge: Pivot, Yeti and Niner Holding It Down!

Come join us from 9am to 3pm on Sunday, May 18th for our first MTB field demo of the year! The sun WILL be shining, people will be mobbing around on some sick bikes, and Bill will be busting out the hibachi for some hot dog action! You might even find a beer or two …

Yeti SB95C CyclePath Turquoise  and Purple Feature

Yeti SB95 Carbon – Now With More Purple Flavor!

The only way Grant Collins’ gorgeous new SB95 carbon could look any better is if it were being drifted sideways through a loose corner in the Utah desert. Grant, we’re counting on you to give us that shot. We are stoked to build Grant’s dream bike, especially since his last bike was stolen. Time to …


Yeti SB66C

Yeti SB66 Carbon, super bike super build.


Yeti SB95C

SB66C plus SB95 = match made in heaven. Yeti’s SB95C drops nearly two pounds making it a lean mean trail machine!


Yeti ASR-7

This is the 575’s big brother, Yeti’s long legged trail bike with 7 inches of travel.

Yeti SB95 3

Yeti SB-95 Review – by Rich “Fun-Lovin” Whitekettle

I fully admit to referring to 29ers as “fun haters”.  Every 29er that I have test ridden, from singlespeed cross country racers to 5.5″ travel all-mountain bikes, has felt like there was a major compromise in downhill agility and playfulness when compared to a 26″ bike of similar pedigree.  I recently had the opportunity to …


Yeti SB66 In Stock

We have the Yeti SB66 in stock and built up. This is the aluminum version in classic Yeti turqouise paint.


2011 Yeti ASR5C

We’ve recently started carrying Yeti, and we’re pretty excited about their lineup. This ASR5C frame has 5 inches of travel and 4.75 pounds in weight. We built it up with the new XTR and a set of Easton Haven Carbon wheels. Stiff, fast, versatile. And lighter than most full-on XC bikes.