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Meet The Cyclepath Crew

Circa 2022

Not all of us but Lucas, Marty, Michael and Roo are present. Post Rocky Point ride.

The 2022 Cyclepath crew consists of a few of us from very different backgrounds, but all sharing a love for bikes. Will be sharing a little bit of info on each of us so that everyone can get the chance to get to know us a little bit.

After managing the Service Department at Cyclepath for 15 years, Michael took ownership of the shop in March of 2022. Michael has been working in bike shops for over 20 years and shares his love for bikes with his wife Dara and daughters Isabel and Emily. A lifelong cyclist, Michael fell in love with bikes while on a 6 month bike tour through Europe with his wife-to-be back in 2003. When he's not working on bikes or riding bikes (currently an Open UP and Revel Rascal), you can find him drawing, painting or traveling around the PNW with his family.
Mitch has worked in the bicycle industry for over twenty years and has extensive experience riding and building everything from road bikes to gravel bikes to mountain bikes and even fixies. He loves working with customers to help realize their custom bicycle dreams and has been known to enjoy a craft beer or two in his free time. Mitch and his wife Tara recently welcomed their daughter Lisa to the world and are enjoying the adventure of parenthood together. Even if you haven't met Mitch, you've likely met his pup Archer who's been the resident shop dog for the past few years.
Marty is a Cyclepath service veteran of 7 years. He likes to torture himself by settling into long climbs on his mountain bike (currently a Pivot Switchblade), but he also enjoys commuter rides on his sweet SS Indie Fab. When he's not working, riding or spending time with his wife, you can find Marty purusing his true passion: drinking chocolate milk and eating Cocoa Pebbles while listening to Adele. His Dad Jokes are legendary.
Elijah has been with the shop since 2020. His hobbies include free jazz, hifi stereo, cooking and red wine. He grew up riding bmx, road biking and dirt jumping. Above all else he prefers rocking open toe Burks . Favorite childhood memory is summers waking up at 5am to play with Legos. 
Adrian is the shop grom. He is currently enrolled at Wy'east MTB Academy and racing both Cascadia Dirt Cup and NW Cup. Currently he enjoys long walks on the beach and watching baseball on tv with his dad. Pizza is up there as far as favorite foods. 
Nick loves all things bicycle and bicycle-related. They're passionate about building custom bikes, from top-shelf builds at Cyclepath to frankenstein bikes with whatever cool parts they can get their hands on in their free time. Other fun facts, they loves stickers, anime and vegetables.  
Lewis is our resident roadie. Currently racing category 1 on the road for Expeditors Elite out of Seattle, his love for cycling has taken him all over the United States. He recently built up an Open UP gravel machine and has been exploring the backroads of the PNW on his days off (when he's not racing the MT Tabor Series). Lewis is your go-to guy for custom drop bar builds and stellar customer service across the board.  
Lucas is our newest technician. He likes to jump over chasms on whatever bike he can throw a leg over. His phone voice game is pretty solid. Bikes have been his forever thing and recently he is discovering how awesome mountain biking in the PNW can be. His favorite food is 10 slices of pizza. 
"I'm a loner Dotty, a rebel..."
20 year MTB veteran. Sprinkled a few road years in there. Master of media content creation and fun. Big on community and making cycling more inclusive. ANIME!! Let's go ride a good trail and stop for some tacos afterward. The world needs more Carebears movies. 

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