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The Cervelo Aspero: A Road Racer At Home in the Dirt

Cervelo’s first foray into off-road bikes is the all new Aspero.  Unlike many gravel bikes designed with utility in mind, the Aspero is a stripped down performance-oriented off-road racer. In designing the Aspero, Cervelo chose to forego rack and fender eyelets, extraneous mounts and gimmicky “comfort features” in favor of building a lightweight, streamlined speed machine for folks looking to simply crush the trail.

That’s not to say the Aspero lacks versatility; on the contrary, the frameset is designed to run either 650b or 700c wheels and handle tire sizes ranging from 650x49mm to 700x44mm. The fork features a flip chip (called the TrailMixer) that changes the fork rake by 5mm – this allows riders to maintain the optimal fork trail whether running a 700×33 tire or a 700×44, thereby retaining the snappy handling characteristics Cervelo intended.
Unlike several of it’s competitors, the Aspero can also be setup with either a 2x or 1x drivetrain. A standard 27.2mm seat tube means the bike can accommodate an internally routed dropper seatpost (pictured above). Finally, the Aspero provides three bottle cage mounts to meet your hydration needs and a top tube feed bag mount with the holes neatly hidden under a smooth plastic cap.

If you want a gravel bike right now there are a ton of great bikes to consider. But if you are searching for a gravel bike that is as fast and fun as possible and don’t want to be bogged down by utilitarian concerns, the Cervelo Aspero should be at the top of your list. Priced aggressively at $4000 for the complete GRX build or $4200 for the dropper-equipped GRX 1 build, the Aspero also presents an excellent value. Cervelo includes a lifetime warranty on all their bikes as long as the frame is owned by the original owner.

We currently have a size run of both the Burgundy and Olive/Dune GRX builds as well as the Teal GRX1 build in stock and ready to test-ride.

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