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OPEN WI.DE: Ready For Adventure

The OPEN U.P. is one of the most popular bikes in our shop these days. We love the OPEN Cycle concept – focus on making a fun, versatile and balanced bike that rides well without gimmicks. Part of the U.P.’s success has been due to its versatility: the U.P. manages to fit a 700 x 40c or 27.5 x 2.1″ tire without compromising handling characteristics or positioning. But beyond versatility, what makes the OPEN stand out is ride quality – with each pedal stroke, the bike seems to leap forward, ready to take you everywhere you love to ride – and even some new places you want to explore.

While many people consider the U.P. to be a quiver-killer, it does have it’s limits, particularly when the trail turns rough. Enter Open’s newest model, the OPEN WI.DE. The WI.DE builds on the strengths of the U.P. while pushing the possibilities of the drop bar adventure bike even further.The OPEN WI.DE is short for “winding detours.”  The WI.DE begs to take you further along those detours into the backcountry, as it’s designed with more extreme terrain in mind. As such, the WI.DE takes the U.P.’s most-copied feature – the dropped chainstay – and drops the non-drive chainstay as well. According to OPEN, this update increases bottom bracket stiffness in addition to adding more tire clearance without compromising the playful geometry that makes OPEN bikes so fun to ride.

If you’ve ever wished you could throw a 2.4″ mtb tire onto your U.P. for extra rowdy trail rides, the new WI.DE has you covered.  And while this new frameset dispenses with the 2x drivetrain option, we’ve found that most gravel/singletrack bike riders prefer the reliability and simplicity of the modern 1x drivetrain for off-road performance. Losing the lefthand shifter also provides a perfect opportunity to run a dropper post and lever (Shimano’s new GRX anyone?) Additionally, the WI.DE features slightly lower standover clearance than the U.P., making it the ideal do-everything bike for a recent customer (see below).

WI.DE framesets are available now in three paint options: gloss grey, orange and turq, as well as the OPEN WI.DE Ready to Paint raw carbon option. Hit us up with questions or drop by the shop to test ride the complete we have built on the floor.

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