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We Are Mudhugger USA and Fender Season is here!

Ride in the rain much? Looking for the best mountain bike fenders on the market? Look no further – Cyclepath PDX is your exclusive source for all UK-based Mudhugger Fenders and related products! After all, fall/winter in the PNW looks a lot like it does in the UK…

Completely manufactured in the UK, Mudhugger’s core products are made of a rigid injection-molded plastic rather than a thin, soft and flexy plastic. And they’re bigger. Much bigger. Compare a standard or long front fender to the functional coverage of other comparable fenders and you only find a couple high-priced products that even come close.

And if it’s the flexible minimalist style you’re looking for, the Mudhugger SL is for you! It’s long, its curves follow the tire’s curvature and it is easily customizable. You can quickly cut it shorter if desired or leave it as-is for maximum fun in the mud.

To purchase Mudhuggers and have them delivered to your doorstep, click here. You are also welcome to check them out and pick some up in person at our brick and mortar location here in Portland, OR.

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