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Mondraker Bikes Now Available at Cyclepath

You might already be familiar with Mondraker from Danny Hart’s success on the DH World Cup circuit, or from its radical Forward Geometry that has most brands playing catch-up. The innovative Spanish brand has recently jumped into the US market and we’re excited to announce that Mondraker is now available at Cyclepath!

One look at a Mondraker and you immediately notice that these bikes are unique. That is partly due to the gorgeous lines and popping colors, and partly due to the design concept dubbed “Forward Geometry,” first introduced by the company back in 2012.  The idea back then was to create a bike that would descend over technical terrain at high speed with more ease and stability than what was available at the time.

To accomplish this end Mondraker released the Foxy XR, which featured long top-tube and short stem. This served to extend the front-center of the bike as well as its overall wheelbase. According to Mondraker, Forward Geometry provides a different weight distribution on the bike which results in a more confidence-inspiring and stable ride quality, thereby allowing riders to ride faster and feel safer during high-speed descents.

Fast forward to 2019 and you only need to take quick look at current trail bike design across the industry to realize the impact Mondraker has had. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Despite widespread success and growth as a company, Mondraker is not simply looking to cash-in and move as many units as possible via the internet. In fact, Mondraker does not offer direct sales or make their bikes available through any big online retailers. Mondraker’s USA team believes the bikes need to be demoed to be appreciated and understood, so the bikes will only be sold through brick-and-mortar bike shops like Cyclepath. We are proud to be a part of this unique company’s journey and appreciate the opportunity to unleash more Mondrakers on the trails of the PNW.



  1. Hello. I’m inquiring about Mondraker foxy bikes. Do you have any for sale in your shop?? Size medium. Thank you for your time. Shawn from PA here.

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