Pivot Factory DH Team At Cyclepath: Bernard Kerr & Emilie Siegenthaler In The House!

Pivot_Factory_Team_Visits_CyclepathPhoto Credit Pink Bike – Sterling Lorence

After racing the NW Cup/Pro GRT in Port Angeles this weekend, the Pivot Factory downhill team is going to make a stop at Cyclepath for a meet and greet.
Come join us as we enjoy some great local beer and stories from Bernard and Emilie this coming Monday (4/27/15) between 5pm and 7pm.

Maybe we can even persuade Bernard into showing off his mad stoppie skills…even if it is on a Monday…

If that wasn’t enough, BEER!


If you have any questions, hit us up:  info@cyclepathnw.com. See ‘yall Monday! Yeeeehaw!


Posted by on April 24th 2015