True Love Wheels

True Love Handbuilt Wheels (2)Lovingly built by hand     –     Custom designed for you

Lifetime Warranty on Craftsmanship


True Love Wheels: Handbuilt in Portland, Oregon

True Love Wheels was created by Michael Jellinek, who has been Cyclepath’s wheel builder for nearly a decade.  True Love is a natural extension of Cyclepath, where our motto is “Custom Bike Love.”  At Cyclepath we believe that everyone can benefit from a bicycle custom-tailored to them; True Love Wheels extends that principle to the bicycle wheel.


Why Custom Handbuilt  Wheels?

Moots FrosTi Frost Hammer Fatbike Surly Rollin g Darryl Rim And Nate 4in TireA custom wheelset is designed and built for you and you alone.  Building wheels by hand allows for a level of care and precision far beyond the capacity of machines or scope of mass production.  A custom, handbuilt wheelset will fit your needs perfectly and will be built with materials and components that reflect you and your riding style.  A custom wheelset can say a lot about you, your personal tastes, and your sense of aesthetics.


 Labor of Love:  The ProcessD71_2431


The first step in the process is to design the ideal wheelset for you.  I will work with you to determine the best possible combination of hub, rim, spokes, nipples and lacing pattern for your intended use, riding style, physique and budget.


Your new wheels will be built by me, by hand.  Every part of the process will receive the utmost care and attention. I use a DT Swiss truing stand and either a DT Swiss and Sapim Tensiometer to ensure your wheels are constructed with superior precision and accuracy.


True Love For Life.

  • All True Love Wheels will receive complimentary wheel truing and spoke replacement for the life of the wheel (applicable to original owner, does not apply to crash damage).
  • All components come with manufacturers’ warranty on individual components.
  • True Love Crash Replacement Policy:  Accidents happen. That’s why True Love Wheels offers a lifetime crash replacement on the components of your new wheelset.  Damage your rim, hub or spokes and we’ll replace them at a fraction of the retail price (crash replacement pricing varies per component).


Components We Love

At True Love, we only stock premium wheel components.  If we can’t stand behind it, we won’t sell it.  If we don’t stock it, we can special order it.  Below are a few of our favorites:

Sapim CX RayHubs:

-DT Swiss
-Chris King
-Phil Wood
-White Industries
-Paul Components
-Hope Tech


-Enve Composites
-Stan’s No Tubes
-H Plus Son
-DT Swiss


-DT Swiss


Where To Begin

To get rolling on your own set of True Love Wheels, stop by the shop or contact to start the conversation. Once we get compatibility questions out of the way, we’ll discuss your riding style, performance needs and aesthetic preferences to determine how we can best make your dream wheelset a reality.

And yes, we can ship your custom wheelset anywhere in the world.

True Love Handbuilt Wheels


Sharing the Love:  Testimonials

I’ve built well over a thousand custom wheels at Cyclepath and gotten some pretty incredible feedback along the way.  In fact, True Love Wheels was created in response to this groundswell of support.  Thanks to everyone who’s riding True Love Wheel for allowing me the opportunity to help you follow your passion on two wheels.

Check out the testimonials below for a sample of what folks have to say True Love Wheels:

“Michael has built a number of sets of wheels for me over the past few years, and every one has turned out stellar, and I never saw them again, which is a good thing! Spoke tension, dish, concentric – all totally dialed on everything from super high end carbon to everyday training wheels.”

– Ben Farver, Owner/Operator of Argonaut Cycles

“Michael is my ‘go to’ pro for wheel questions, repairs and for all types of wheel builds.  Over the years he has built up at least 6 pairs for me. Everything from bomber commuter wheels (Velocity A23s laced to XT disc hubs), to light weight tubeless cross racing wheels (Stan’s tubeless 29er rims laced to Chris King Hubs; Velocity A23s laced to White Industry SS hubs); Extremely tough & light Mountain bike wheels (Stan’s laced to DT Swiss 240s;  Stan’s laced to Paul’s SS WORD hubs), and even road wheels (Mavic Open Pros laced to White Industries).  Every single one of the wheelsets that Michael has built has stayed straight, true with ZERO broken spokes over the long haul.  The same can’t be said for the multiple factory wheelsets that I have owned.  Lighter, faster, stronger and typically even less expensive than factory wheels. You CAN have it all. I’m a Cyclepath customer for life, and Cyclepath custom wheels (built up by Michael) will definitely be on my next bike.”

-Dan Porter Cyclepath Racing

Of all the road wheels I’ve owned (and there have been many), the most comfortable and dependable have been the wheels Michael built for me six years ago around a pair of lightweight Chris King hubs. And, unlike wheels built on proprietary technology, Michael’s wheels could be easily repaired by any competent mechanic–except they never needed repair. That’s why they have been my consistent wheels of choice for European bike travel and all-season use at home.

– Jeff Alden Columnist/Product Tester

Michael at Cyclepath is my go-to wheel builder in town who always dials in my custom built wheels to my specifications.  He specifically builds each wheel in consideration of the person’s riding weight, style, and usage.  I currently am running Stan’s Flow EX’s wheels that are optimally built to handle heavy duty, all-mountain use.  His wheel builds are always ready take my abuse since I am known to kill a wheel here and there :).   Michael and Cyclepath are so confident in their wheel builds that they offer truing for the lifetime of the wheel, that I rarely had to use.  Kudos to Michael and Cyclepath for always doing an outstanding job with their builds specific to my riding needs.

– Jon Gustavson Self-proclaimed wheel and bike part abuser/destroyer

I needed to replace my cross race wheels. Michael recommended the velocity rims with DT Swiss hubs. The result: a pair of light, fast race wheels that handle so well in the corners. I’m super happy with them.

-Julie Browning Owner/Operator of Breakaway Training, Cat. A MTB Bike racer

“I like my wheels,
they work real good,
I ride them ’round,
my neighborhood.
The rims are true,
the spokes are tight,
I ride these wheels,
all day and night.

When rims wear out,
to Mike I go,
He fixed me up,
and I ride some mo’

I race and race,
they make the cut,
I ride these hoops,
like a dirty slut.

In the fields,
through the dust,
up the hills,
these wheels I trust.

Buy his wheels,
keep rolling round,
you might just win,
the Crusade Crown.”

“I have two sets of cyclocross wheels built in as many years.  My first tubular set was built with Chris King hubs laced to Velocity Major Toms rims.  My second more recent set are DT Swiss hubs with Velocity A23 clinchers.  I race and train on both sets.  Over dozens of cyclocross races and thousands of training miles, these wheels have held up extremely well with minimal maintenance.  They are my reliable, go-to wheels.  I don’t own a road bike, so I ride the clinchers tubeless with Clement CX tires on group road rides and every other day of the week, reserving my tubulars for race weekends and off-season.”

– Josh Cady GrassMoots, Cyclepath Racing

“I’ve got 6 bikes, each one has a hand built set of wheels, all built by Michael @ CP. 3 sets are Chris King hubs and A23 rims and 3 are DT Swiss hubs and HED Belgium rims. All are laced with Sapim spokes. 4 are road wheels and 2 are cross wheels including commuting. I’ve Never had an issue with any of them and I’ve yet to have one trued. Michael builds bomber wheels!”

– Jim Medeiros Half Fast Velo Racing

“What I like about Michael is his attention to detail.  He asks me the questions I want to be asked when building a wheelset.  He develops a better understanding of what I need, so I can get the most out of the wheels he is building.  I think the most accurate description of Michael’s wheel building skill is defined as a Professional wheel builder.   His resume, consistency, and track record are that of a professional, I’d recommend him for any wheel build.”  Wheels Built:  ENVE AM 26″ laced with Sapim CX-Ray Spokes to Chris King ISO Hubs; Mavic A719 Rims laced with DT Comp Spokes to King ISO Hubs for Cargo Bike duty.

– Nick Gibson Shimano Sales Manager, Mountain Bike Racer

Michael has built several wheelsets for me:

1.  Major Tom Tubular w/ DT240 28H Hubs
2.  Stan’s 355 w/ DT240 32H Disc Hubs
Set 1: Used for cross. Great wheel set that I’d take any day over carbon factory wheels. Light, sturdy – never have needed to true – and great handling wheels. My best results these days have come in muddy, sloppy conditions on these wheels. (Category – Masters A.)
Set 2: MTB wheels. Short track – CAT 1,45+ wins. Also race SS on them. Have also raced XC. Light weight and durable. I’ve used them for racing and general riding. Great, fast, wheels that make my otherwise “heavy” steel hard tail ride lighter than the scale would indicate. It’s a great feeling after forgetting to check wheels for trueness to find that they need no work at all.
– John Bravard Cyclepath Racing, Master’s A Cyclocross Racer

Over the last three years I have had several wheel sets built by Michael at Cyclepath. Ranging from cyclocross to mountain, I have never been steered wrong. My mountain bike wheels are built on dt240 hubs and Stan’s ZTR Crest hoops. These wheels are bulletproof, they have ridden some of the harshest terrain without showing any signs of weakness, raced cross country on two different bikes and regardless of the circumstance always move forward without any issues.

My other wheel set is a cyclocross/gravel grinder ripper! Again, built on a DT foundation of 350 hubs with new blue velocity hoops. I have not had one flat, burp or braking issue with these wheels. They are priced right and always deliver on race day.

– Brian Petrucci Cyclepath Racing

I have had several custom wheelsets built up by Michael over the years- mostly high end cross country and all-mountain with the odd cyclocross wheelset.  At the end of the day the most important component of a wheelset is the builder.  I have not had a single failure no matter how rough I have been on my wheels, only minor truing after years on them.   Michael has my highest recommendation as a mechanic and wheel builder.

– John Kafrouni Mountain Biker Racer, Road and Cross Rider

“Wheel Build: Chris King r45 gold hubs, DT Swiss aerolite spokes,  laced to Velocity A23 rims with matching gold spokes. Michael built me this amazing wheelset after I got tired of breaking spokes on my stock wheels. These wheels are light, strong, fast, they look amazing, and more importantly I’ve never broken a spoke!  I’ve ridden these wheels for two Rapha rides and countless road miles and they are still going strong! Michael has also built me several mountain wheel sets and I can’t say enough about his attention to detail and the quality of his wheels.”

– Joe Santos Cyclepath Racing

Michael – I can’t thank you enough for the amazing new hoops! The smart mix of Stan’s tubeless Arch 29er rims laced to those solid DT hubs created a perfect, bomb-proof wheel to get me through the cyclocross season and my races flat -free!

Riding on these wheels inspired me to write “A Wheel Builders Haiku”

     Silent bike parts sleep

     Woke by Michael’s Skilled hands

     And my new wheels sing

Thanks for all your great work!”

– Rick Boston Velominati, Cross Racer 

“Michael has built me up two sets of DT Swiss 240s laced with DT Competition spokes to DT RR465 rims, and they’ve been rock solid.  I’m a pretty big guy and I can be fairly hard on road bikes, so this is saying a lot.  Plus, he didn’t give me crap about the mangled mess that I rode in on to get replaced.  Good work and a stand-up guy.”

– Luke Barrett Commuter, Recreational Rider

“I have several wheelsets, some off-the-shelf and several built by Mike at Cyclepath. I have had issues with off the shelf wheels but no issues with the wheels Mike has built for me. Mike’s wheels require no maintenance and have outlasted my off-the-shelf wheels.”

– Scott BallardHalf Fast Velo Racing

 “Michael built up a pair of Edge 32mm clinchers laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and 240 DT Swiss hubs for my road bike back in 2008.  I think the wheels have been trued once and that is with a couple falls, dropping curbs as well as hitting Saltzman Rd monthly.  The wheels are awesome and I am a stickler when it comes to craftsmanship and build quality.  Michael does not disappoint.”

– Andy Kappler Cyclocross Racer, Commuter

“I have had at least 5 wheels built by Michael at Cyclepath.  They are the best custom built wheels I have had done for me in Portland.  Solid, lightweight and stay true (I had a single speed wheel that never had to be trued through its lifespan…the rim finally gave out after the braking surface finally gave way).  I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Cool shop, great service and they stand behind their work!”

– Joe Fricke Cyclepath Racing, Guiness Racing

“I’ve lost track of the number of wheel sets Michael’s built for me but what hasn’t escaped my memory is how impressed I’ve been with each one. Michael has always been generous in sharing his time and knowledge making sure each set was what it truly needed to be. Allowing me to splurge where appropriate yet be frugal when necessary. And he’s always trued them whenever needed as part of the purchase – that’s some serious Custom Bike Love!”

– Sean Rees Cyclepath Racing