Service Department

Wanita's Pivot Mach 4 With XTR Di2-1At Cyclepath we know every bike has different needs. Some bikes need a little tweak to be perfect, while others need a complete tear down and build up to perform their best. Whether you’re dropping off your bike for an appointment or just stopping in during your commute for a quick adjustment, we are here to help.


Shimano's New RS685 Hydraulic Disc Brakes On Ceilo Road Racer Disc-10For our comprehensive services, tune-ups and overhauls for example, we will begin by evaluating the condition of the bike as a whole. It’s the only way to ensure we address “trouble areas” before they turn into “disaster areas.” This helps us identify any parts we would replace and let you know the total cost. Basically we try to eliminate any surprises.

If you have specific questions about how certain services are performed we are always happy to walk you through it. Having an explanation or context with regard to a service can be very enlightening and we do our best to de-mystify our repair work. One of our many goals is to educate and empower the rider.

Fox Remote COnversion 1While we are particularly well-suited to perform advanced services like full-custom builds, Di2 installs, suspension services, hydraulic brake services, wheel building and the like, we are happy to work on any and all makes and models of bicycle.

We also offer comprehensive bike fitting services, so check out our Retul fitting information here.

Just give us a call @ 503-281-0485 to book an appointment or check our schedule.


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