Retul Fitting

We believe a proper bike fit is essential for injury prevention and maximized efficiency.  An optimal position on the bike will bring you greater comfort and enjoyment while riding.  All bodies are different and your position on the bike should reflect your unique biomechanics.

At Cyclepath, we conduct our bike fits using the Retul fit system.  The system works via infra-red LEDs (light emitting diodes) which are placed on the body in specific skeletal locations.  These LEDs are then read by sensors in real time and the resultant information generates a 3D model of your movement on our computer. Once we’ve captured the data, we can analyze the model and adjust your position accordingly until we’ve optimized your position on the bike.

Each Retul fit is conducted by our very own fit specialist and certified Retul University graduate.  At the end of your fit, you will receive a report of the final fit data, which inlcudes body measurments and angles, as well as bike set-up and measurements.  This information can be used to translate your fit across multiple bicycles.

Check out how it works:

Wondering if you’re ‘serious enough’ to benefit from a professional fit?  Generally, if you are serious enough to ride a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit.  Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to greatly improve performance and comfort.

Retul fits take approximately 2 hours and can include up to 2 bicycles per fit.  Cost is $250.

Contact: to schedule your Retul fit at Cyclepath.

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