Cyclepath 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

100% Brisker MTB Gloves

We love these gloves! The 100% Brisker MTB Glove protects your hands from the cold while allowing you to retain the dexterity required to control your bike. These work well for cold trail days or maintenance days and feature integrated tech thread that keeps you connected with your devices. Also available in the waterproof/breathable Hydromatic version if you like to ride in the wet.


Dyna Plug 

While tubeless tires have led to a huge reduction in flats in recent years, they are not infallible. Dyna-plugs are the solution for DIY tubeless tire repair –  they make fast, permanent repairs on all but the most extreme tubeless punctures. Just remove the puncture object and insert the repair plug. Dyna-plugs work for all tubeless products including moutain bike tires, road bike tires and everything in between.


Tubolito Tubos

If you’re a tubeless holdout, Tubolito is the gift you didn’t know you needed. Austrian-made Tubolito Tubos use proprietary technology to manufacture the lightest and most durable bicycle inner tubes the world has ever seen. Available in most sizes, these featherweight tubes are an amazing upgrade to your clincher tire setup or the perfect spare. A bonus: unlike traditional tubes, each Tubo is recyclable and sold with low-waste packaging.



Most of us rely on a U-lock or some variant to secure our machines around town but forego locks when riding for pleasure or training because, honestly, who wants to lug a massive lock around? And we’ve all experienced the need to make an unplanned pitstop mid-ride and have been faced with the dilemma – what do I do with my bike? Do I risk it? Ask someone to keep an eye on it? “Secure it” with a helmet strap? Enter the Ottolock.  The Ottolock Cinch lock is lightweight, coils up small so it’s easy to carry on rides and is always there when you need it to protect against opportunity theft during quick stops.


Spurcycle Bell

The Spurcycle Bell isn’t cheap. Based on our experience, that is its only downside. This gorgeous little bell attaches securely, looks super-clean, is made in the USA of top quality parts, and produces a warm, crisp tone that is easy for others to hear while not grating on your nerves. The Spurcycle is a beautiful addition to any handlebar – think of it as practical jewelry for your ride.  


Cyclepath Apparel

Want to represent your favorite independent bike shop?  Spread the Custom Bike Love! Our Cyclepath shop t-shirts are available in 5 different designs (men’s and women’s specific fits) and our Anthem Collective hoodies will keep you cozy as the temperature drops. We have a trucker cap and a baseball cap sporting the shop logo  available as well as comfy wool socks custom made for us by DeFeet.



Posted by on November 25th 2019