Ladies Nights Maintenance Series!


The ability to transport yourself by bike is an empowering experience. If you have ever had your ride cut short by a mechanical issue you know how quickly that feeling of empowerment can turn to frustration. With the goal of getting more women enjoying cycling, the CyclepathPDX has teamed up wth the Northwest Trail Alliance  to bring a repair series just for the the ladies.


The first event to kick off the series was Beginner Basic’s. This class covered checking your brakes, performing a “drop test”, torque awareness while tightening bolts, tire and suspension pressure and the basics of caring for your bike.  Everyone took home a pre-ride checklist and list of essentials that should be included on every ride. The class was limited to 15 people so everyone got a chance to put get their hands dirty and change a tire, many for the first time.

It was great to hear so many questions and see the excitement during an “aha” moment. I think each person learned something new, had a beer or two, and made a new riding buddy in the process.

The next class, Dialed Drivetrain, took place on March 17, 2017. We hit the ground running by going straight into defining the parts of the drive-train. Then the ladies split into groups to get up close and personal with what makes their bike go.


Ladies learned how to adjust derailleur limit screws, repair a bent derailleur hanger, make barrel adjustments, and how to prevent drive-train wear by cleaning, lubing and replacing worn chains. The ladies also learned how to split and rejoin a chain in case they ever break a chain on the trail.


Our next class will be held on April 7th, for a class on “Smart Suspension”, this will be an intermediate / advanced clinic that will teach you how to get the most out of every ride. We will go over your sag settings, rebound & compression and how to test and setup your suspension for the best ride on different trails. I am personally very excited for this class so I can further my knowledge and get some hands on experience in dialing in my own suspension for racing this summer!

We hope to see you there!



Pre-Registration is required, please reserve your spot online by clicking this link:

A huge thanks goes to Bill Larson, owner of Cyclepath, for letting us ladies take over the shop and showing us some skills. To Sarah Olsen, for coordinating & managing this event, Mitch the marketing guru and Rye the master mechanic.

We’d also like to thank Stan’s NoTubes, Skratch Labs, Fire on the Mountain, New Cascadia Traditional Bakery and NWTA for the generous donations!

Photos by: Ruandy Albisurez and Punneh Abdolhosseini

Posted by on April 1st 2017