Ridden and Reviewed: Devinci Troy


Words by Rowan Bateman, Cyclepath Gravity Rider

The Devinci Troy is a damn good-looking bike! There is something about the clean lines and understated graphics that really does it for me. Some people care a lot about looks, some not at all, and I usually find myself right in the middle. Function-over-form is how I usually approach my gear, but in this case I’ve got to be up-front about my attraction to this bike….but let’s get to the good stuff.

I’m not much of a climber, (at least I don’t get all jazzed for a big pedal up), but I do it; we have to in order to access many of our favorite trails, so why not make the uphills as fun as possible? The Troy made my soft, pale PNW body feel damned good grinding up-hill, which is a shining endorsement of its climbing abilities. And how fun is the downhill if you’re completely toast by the time you get to the top?

On punchy technical bits it would rocket up wherever I pointed it, (so long as my legs could back up my line choice). The suspension is “active,” so if that’s not your thing you may want a lockout feature on your rear shock. For me, “active” did not translate into energy and soul-sucking pedal bob, but rather, more sustained traction.

Speaking of active suspension, the Troy kicks ass going downhill! I was pleasantly surprised when I immediately felt like I was on my downhill bike, staying glued to bumpy corners and flying through the rough without getting squirrely or sketchy. It’s obviously not a DH bike, but you should definitely ride it like one. Get centered, let it do the work, and it will pay off; you’ll be hooting and hollering the whole way down!

Finally, you can take comfort in knowing your bike is named after some Canadian dude with an epic mullet! And the back end comes loose when you can it to, which is great because we all got into mountain bikes to go fast and get sideways! Right?

 * Please contact info@cyclepathpdx.com to demo the Devinci Troy, or for any questions!


Posted by on March 11th 2016