Yeti ASRc Gets The Beti Treatment

Yeti ASR Beti Style-2Yeti’s new Beti line includes the new SB5c and this, the ASRc. A 4″ featherweight single pivot XC rocket, this is one of the most sought after no-nonsense racers. Now it’s available with a shock tuned for the lighter rider, light weight wheels built with DT Swiss XR series rims, a narrowed down 720mm width bar, small diameter grips and a Beti branded WTB Deva saddle. Most of these considerations apply to the SB5c Beti as well.

One cool feature of this rig are the size-dependent wheel diameters. The x-small and small sizes are 27.5″ wheel frames while the larger bikes are built for 29″ hoops. Not a revolutionary concept, but one of those details that really matter in finding a bike that fits proportionately and handles well.

Speaking of fit, the stand-over for the x-small shown here is a hair under 29″ measured from the ground straight up to the Yeti logo top tube on the drive side. Not bad considering your MTB shoes give you at minimum 1″ of lift. Keep an eye out for these stealthy machines on the trail. There are already a few rolling around the PNW!

Posted by on July 16th 2015