Pivot DH team’s Shop Visit

Pivot Factory DH Team Shop Visit - Bernard Kerr and Emilie Siegenthaler-23

A few days back the Pivot Factory DH Team stuck their heads in the shop while traveling through PDX. Heading south after leaving the first Port Angeles Pro GRT Race (emphasis on Pro) which ran in conjunction with the NW Cup, Bernard Kerr and Emilie Siegenthaler were ready to cut loose.

After a couple beers and some pizza, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics. Both Bernard and Emilie were talking to customers about different bike setups, reliving races and signing autographs.  Check em out below!

And props to Jens Staudt, the pro photog in tow. He’s a killer photographer and has some sick pics on his Instagram – check him out!

Posted by on May 16th 2015