Mitch’s Yeti SB5c Custom Build

Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-1 Yeti’s new Switch Infinity platform has been getting lots of attention. As it should, because it’s amazing! It climbs great, provides plenty of anti-squat and is as plush as you can get. Pictured here is the 5″ variant – the SB5c. Built from a hand-picked list of some of the best components around, including the shock, this truly is a custom build! There is a lot to talk about here, but we chose just a few areas to highlight.

Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-27 If you aren’t familiar with Yeti’s new Switch Infinity system, take a look at the photo above. The lower pivot is made up of a bearing centered on two Fox Kashima Coat shafts angled rearward. The bushings do not provide any damping. It’s just a super durable bushing system. For first 2/3 of rear travel the bushing travels up, which pushes the swingarm rearwards providing the anti-squat. Once you travel through about 2/3 of the travel, the bushings drop back down allowing the rear end to maximize its travel and creating a plush, bottomless feel. Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-8 This bike is setup with a 150mm Pike and no bottomless tokens so the front can handle anything in your way. Initially Yeti was spec’ing a 140mm fork but now they ship with 150mm front ends. The best part is how the longer front end gets you a 66 degree headtube angle, allowing you to Superman this bike down the steep stuff!Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-16 The 5.1 lb (Yeti claims, didn’t weigh it, but it’s light) frame weight is impressive and warrants the use of other lightweight parts like this RaceFace Next SL Cinch Crank. The direct mount Cinch system shaves off as much weight as possible and requires the use of a Cinch compatible ring. A few folks are making Cinch rings now, but this 30t RaceFace narrrow-wide ring is pretty sexy and the chainline works well with the XTR 11-40 11s cassette. None of that ghost shifting when you backpedal.Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-4 Keeping things contemporary True Love Wheels spun up some of our House Brand carbon 40mm rims with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and DT Swiss 240 center lock hubs. While we are fans of Chris King’s faster engagement, if you want to run those new XTR Freeza cooling fin rotors, you need a center lock hub and DT Swiss is by far the most durable and low maintenance solution.Mitch's Full Custom Yeti SB5c-11 Of all the crazy parts on this beast, one of our favorites is this KS Southpaw dropper lever. The ergonomics are similar to having a front shifter so the range of motion if very intuitive. The Southpaw lever is available now to anyone running a KS LEV dropper and a 1x drivetrain. Do it!

As for how the SB5c rides… well… it’s amazing! Its an ideal PNW “everything” bike! Just enough travel to smash down the steep hills in our back yard, but not so much that you couldn’t ride around on the more XC oriented single track around Bend, or wherever you find yourself. Plus you could but a 140 fork to drop and steepen the front end if you desire.

If you have questions about this bike or your next custom build, leave a comment below!

Posted by on May 14th 2015