Dave’s Custom Moots Mooto X RSL Singlespeed

David's Moots Mooto X RSL SS -1Dave’s new bike is just ridiculous! Set up as a single speed 29er with a lightweight RaceFace/XTR build kit and purple Industry Nine wheels, this bike is a jaw dropper.

Every bike we build is custom, but this was a tremendously fun project to work on. Dave shared his concept – a bike that keeps his family close while he’s biking with his buds and his affinity for grape soda – and let us sort out the details. We worked with a few artists to find one who could best capture the New York subway graffiti motif that Dave envisioned. After we received the artwork for both of his kids names, Taj and Soliel, and Pearl the family dog, we forwarded the files to Spectrum Powder Works in Colorado for the most unique Moots finish we have ever photographed.

Take a peek and leave your comments below!

Posted by on April 9th 2015