Yeti SB6c – XTR 1×11 With 40mm True Love Carbon Wheels


This bike is all about the numbers: 152mm of travel in the rear, 160mm up front, a roomy cockpit by way of the long toptube, and a long front-center keeps the crank as far from the front axle as possible without upsetting pedaling geometry. Take all that and give it a 65.5 degree headtube angle and you get a rocket ship!

It’s a dream list of stats for a PNW trail bike. One that pedals incredibly well, and when pushed hard through the descents, gives you the bottomless sensation of a coil shock thanks to Yeti’s new Switch Infinity platform.

After the last couple Yeti demo’s, the unanimous response after coming down the hill was, “this is a big bike.” They weren’t talking about the frame size, but rather how the bike felt. “It just wanted to go fast” and “the faster, the better” were other common statements floating around the demo area.

Know what? They’re right.

Those riders are feeling that “big bike” sensation. The 65.5 degree headtube combined with the incredibly buttery Fox 36 fork translates to a fun, fast bike that can soak up the nastiest, chunkiest trails you can find. With such a slack front end you have to be on the bars when hitting the tighter switchbacks, but once you exit… it’s all about moving back and letting go of the brakes. Seriously – this bike screams down the trails.


As for this custom build – the keen observer would notice the new XTR 1x chainring and that it’s NOT a narrow-wide design. Instead, Shimano went with a taller, squared off tooth design. This is one of the first bikes we have built with that ring, and we can attest to its ability to hold the chain – absolutely worth a look if you’re building a new 1x bike, or retrofitting your current ride.

Another cool highlight are the House Brand 40mm wide tubeless, hookless carbon rims laced to DT Swiss 350 Centerlock hubs. This wheelset was built in house by Michael with True Love Handbuilt Wheels – backed by his free truing/spoke replacement for life guarantee.

Enjoy the gallery below, ask questions in the comments section or email us with any questions!

Posted by on March 27th 2015