True Love Wheelset of the Week – Whisky no9 Carbon Fat Bike Rims

True_Love_Wheels_Whisky_no9_Carbon_Fat_Bike_Wheels-9197Recently Dennis M. came to me with a problem – he was desperate to shed some weight on his fat bike – specifically rotational weight. While his stock wheelset had already been converted to tubeless, the alloy rims and conversion materials were weighing him down, especially on the climbs. After running through the list of available tubeless fat bike rims, we decided on the new Whisky no9s Carbon Fat Rims.

The 70mm wide rims showed up looking clean and stealthy, and included nipple washers, tubeless valves and 55mm wide tubeless tape. At just under 580 grams a piece, the Whisky Carbon Fat Rims are downright svelte, especially when compared with his old 900 gram alloy rims.

The real magic was the ease of the tubeless setup.  Thanks to the perfectly sized, lightweight tubeless tape and dialed tubeless profile, Dennis’ used 45nrth Dillinger tires set up perfectly with an ounce and a half of sealant per tire. The lack of excess conversion materials and rim weight translated to over 3 lbs. of weight savings! When you’re saving rotating weight on massive fat bike wheels, it feels like a whole lot more…

Dennis is thrilled with the wheels. Since the upgrade, he’s become a bona fide fat bike convert and says the bike now feels as fun and playful as his carbon 29er. The bomber tubeless setup means he can confidently run 4 lbs of pressure in the front tire and 8 lbs in the rear and climb like he’s velcro’d to the trail. Happy trails buddy!

Posted by on March 26th 2015