Breadwinner B-Road – A Cross, Commuter & Gravel Bike

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With the recent explosion in gravel and adventure riding lots of folks are looking for their next “everything bike.” While there are a lot of custom and production options out there, Breadwinner’s B-Road proudly sits at the top of the heap.

Breadwinner_B_Road_Orange_Blue_Di2_Hydraulic -8Our new neighbor Mark, a recent transplant from Atlanta, wandered through the door one afternoon hoping to get acquainted with his local shop. With an eye for aesthetics and a love of color, Mark quickly spotted the B-Road frameset, and began conceptualizing his dream bike; a hand-built “everything bike” with unique Portland character. As his new home is a bit different from Atlanta, and considering that it occasionally rains here in Portland, fenders and disc brakes were a big concern. Luckily the B-Road had him covered. To top things off, Mark had been to NAHBS in 2007 and fallen in love with the Pereira-built “Best of Show” road bike. Owning a Breadwinner B-Road meant he could check off another box on his bike bucket list!

After bouncing ideas around for a while, Mark settled on a handful of limited edition anodized components from Chris King and built the rest of the bike around them. We helped him spec out a Shimano R-785 drivetrain, Thomson cockpit, and locate a handful of color-coordinated bits: nipples, skewers, seatpost clamp, etc. He topped it off with Brooks leather bar tape, and a matching weatherproof Cambium saddle. Congratulations Mark, the bike turned out to be a complete stunner! Enjoy the ride, and welcome to Portland!

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The process of helping you conceptualize your dream bike and then transforming that dream into reality is our specialty. Custom Bike Love is more than a motto – it’s what we love doing, and what we believe will result in the best possible bike for you. Sometimes it’s quick and easy – the result of a few conversations, as was the case with Mark’s build. Other times, the process is quite labor intensive, requiring dozens of emails and phone calls before the build is dialed and we can move forward – but that’s how we consistently build out some of the sexiest bikes in the world.


If you have any questions about this or any bike on our blog, or if you’re ready to start a dialogue about your next build, contact us.

Posted by on February 18th 2015