Pinarello Dogma F8 + 2015 Campy Revolution Record 11

Pinarello Dogma F8 with 2015 Campagnolo Record Rear Quarter This is the new Dogma F8. Designed in coordination with Jaguar’s engineering team, and based on extensive feedback from Team Sky, Pinarello’s eighth edition of the Dogma model is a massive step forward. The first Dogma to take advantage of their computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software, a departure from the usual style-forward Italian mentality, the F8 is an entirely new iteration of the Dogma model in both material and shape. Balancing ride quality and power transfer is always a challenge, and Pinarello’s Dogma has long been considered the benchmark in that realm. In designing the F8, Pinarello took it a step further by adding both bike and rider aerodynamics to the equation to ensure that overall performance would surpass the highly successful Dogma 65.1 Think 2 – a bike that many considered to be perfect.  This approach, coupled with Pinarello’s exclusive industry access to Toray’s Pinarello Dogma F8 with 2015 Campagnolo Record Fork Shape Detailnew T1100 1K ton Dream Carbon with Nano-alloy technology, culminated in a frame that is 47% more aero, 12% stiffer and 120 grams lighter. The first striking revision is the fork shape. Moving away from the classic wavy design to a more open and forward-bowed shape, the Onda F8 fork provides an increase in aerodynamic efficiency (test results indicate 40% less drag) and shaves 40 grams. While frame geometry – something Team Sky insisted was perfect – carries over, that’s where the similarities to the Dogma 65.1 end. The F8 features Pinarello’s new Flatback tubing shape, which is comprised of an ovalized front section mated to a flattened rear, which testing revealed minimizes turbulence.  The headtube/fork crown shaping and interface, lowered seatstays, lowered rear brake placement and even water bottle positioning are all the result of C.F.D testing aimed at aerodynamic optimization. Finally, extensive F.E.A (finite element analysis) reinforced Pinarello’s adherence to their famed asymmetrical design philosophy.  The F8 is 16% more asymmetric to best balance drive and non-drive forces exerted on the frame, in an effort to maintain the Dogma’s incredibly stable, intuitive ride quality. To sum up: “DOGMA F8 achieves new significant numerical data, but more importantly, maintains the unique driving feeling, which made previous Pinarello Dogma bikes unbeatable. Whoever rides the new F8 DOGMA, will immediately perceive the extraordinary work done by our team, in creating a streamlined and aerodynamic bike without losing the typical characteristics of DOGMA: a powerful and responsive bike for every track.”

– Fausto Pinarello

Pinarello Dogma F8 with 2015 Campagnolo Record Rear DerailleurAfter several years without an update to their mechanical equipment, Campagnolo has recently undergone a revolution of sorts (they refer to the updates at Revolution 11 +). Super Record, Record and Chorus gruppos all underwent a thorough overhaul. The cranks moved from a five-arm design to a more contemporary four-arm design which Campy claims is lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic. This new design boasts a standardized BCD, meaning you have the option of running either 53-39, 52-36 or 50-34 chainring combinations on the same crank. The new rear derailleur is a real attention grabber, featuring a completely redesigned parallelogram. The new shape brings the upper pulley closer to the cassette and provides more chain wrap on the cogs to offer faster, cleaner shifting and better power transfer. The new derailleur can now handle a max 29 tooth cog, an option that was previously unavailable. The front derailleur now has an Shimano-esque elongated cable pull arm, reducing shifting effort and increasing derailleur power for firmer up-shifts that require less effort. Shifter ergonomics saw a few minor revisions but generally stayed the same (a good thing, in our opinion). Overall this group is as beautiful as it is lightweight – and while it’s tough to argue superiority of shifting or braking over Shimano’s Dura-Ace, the allure of Campagnolo will remain strong with many. In the end, this is a race bike that has been custom built piece-by-piece by a racer, for a racer. Saul, the owner, has been waiting for this build to come together for the better part of a year. He will be training and racing on this bike as much as possible over the next few years, so if you cross paths with Saul on the road definitely give him a nod! Additional Italian greatness can be found here. Otherwise, enjoy the gallery below!

Weight – 15.75 with pedals and carbon bottle cages


Posted by on January 15th 2015