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ENVE posted this tech piece to their blog recently and its full of great info. Cyclepath’s wheel business, True Love Wheels, spins out several wheelsets per week so we are well versed in the nuances of a well balanced wheel. We happily and enthusiastically convey the various wheel concepts to customers on a regular basis, but hearing it from the most prolific rim manufacturer in the industry always helps!


Photo Credit : ENVE

In designing ENVE wheels, our engineers set out to produce the fastest, stiffest, lightest and most reliable wheels on the planet. All of these factors contribute to the characteristics of the way the wheels ride. Each piece of the puzzle must be carefully balanced to create the best experience.

There are several factors that contribute to making a wheel that meets each of these criteria. Carbon fiber is unique in the fact that it allows for fine tuning in the layup process defining the ride quality and characteristics of the wheel, but the final touches and fine tuning are honed in the wheel build process.  All the components of the wheel build itself can be tailored to compliment the attributes that are hand crafted into every ENVE rim.

The art of the wheel build begins with a rim and hub, joined by spokes and nipples woven in a precise pattern.  The rim spoke face, hub flange diameter, hub flange spacing, spoke type, nipple type, and lacing pattern each play a part in the nuances of the wheel’s final characteristics. Every hand-built ENVE wheel balances these elements in order to optimize stiffness, weight, and strength.

The article goes on, diving into lacing patterns, the various forces acting on a rim and how to balance strength, stiffness and weight. Head over to ENVE’s website for the full article.

Posted by on January 14th 2015