Moots Routt 45 – Next Level Tech

Moots Routt 45 With ENVE-3Brian knows what’s up. He contacted us a couple months ago looking to build the perfect “everything bike.” He explained that while the hills of southern California offer plenty of dirt trails to  play around on, he also wanted the ability to hang with the roadies.  We decided that a custom built Moots Routt 45 would fit his needs perfectly.

Aside from the frame design, this bike’s versatility is all in the wheels. We laced some ENVE XC hoops to DT 240 hubs, a setup we feel is about the best possible wheelset you can build for this ride. The tried and true XC rims still have a hooked bead so they’re suitable for use with clincher tires, and if you want to run a tubeless setup, you can do that too.

Moots Routt 45 With ENVE-4In addition to running the flawless Di2/hydraulic drivetrain, an exciting detail is Shimano’s new D-Fly wireless transmitter (SM-EWW-01). Beaming data to a Garmin 1000, 810, 510 and more, you can see the front and rear tooth count (15-50), gear number (10-2) and a graphical gear position for easy reference at a glance. Equally important is the Di2 battery level, winding down in 10% increments. No longer is Di2 battery level a mystery!

If you’re interested in seeing more of our custom Moots Routt builds, check out these two:

Enjoy the gallery below, and if you have questions about the build just drop us a line.

Posted by on December 18th 2014