Custom Matte Black PDW Full Metal Fenders – While Supplies Last!

PDW Full Metal Fenders 30mm All Black

Portland Design Works makes these amazing Full Metal Fenders, and everyone loves them! We love them! A few of us at the shop have been running these without issue since they were first introduced. The consensus is they’re simply the best!

The only issue we have came across is the appearance… The stock color is a brushed blue-gray. Not far from looking like a titanium finish, but noticeably different. Now, we have a solution! We partnered up with a Portland based powder coating outfit and had these coated in matte black. Solved another one!

These are available in both 30mm width and 45mm width in our webstore. As always, any order over $100 will get you free shipping! If you’re local, we can install these for you – labor charge varies based on how much customization is involved for fitment to your frame. We have installed a lot of these, and they’re pretty amazing!

Contact us with any questions regarding fit or availability!

PDW Full Metal Fenders 45mm All Black

Posted by on December 3rd 2014