Moots Routt – Another “Everything Bike” Rolls Out

Moots Routt Commuter Build With Di2 HydroCyclocross racer, sporty commuter, gravel grinder, club rider and anything else that isn’t mountain biking – you name it, this bike can do it! We have been putting together some really cool Moots adventure bikes. The Routt and Routt 45 name was given to the Psychlo X when they massaged the cross geometry into more of a gravel grinder. We Also built up this Psychlo X RSL race bike, but with a lowered bottom bracket, giving it more of a gravel/road feel. Seeing a theme here?

Moots Routt Commuter Build With Di2 Hydro Whisky No7 ForkAll of these bikes share similar geometry and are designed to tackle just about everything. The lower bottom bracket gives you a stable in-the-bike feel while providing adequate pedal-ground clearance for those gravel roads, cyclocross courses and cross country trails. The Routt 45 features a 450mm long chainstay over the stock 423mm, a highly desirable upgrade for those looking to fly down some gravel roads. While the shorter chainstays make a snappier bike, the tire clearance drops from 700x40c down to 700x35c, as the chainstays curve inward to make room for chainring clearance on the driveside. This bike is rolling on 23c tires, so definitely not an issue here.

The bike featured here was built for Charles H, every part hand picked to provide the desired ride feel, and he opted for the more road-oriented Routt frame. His build is understated and classy, from the PDW Full Metal Fenders and Brooks Swallow Saddle and matching tape, to the Thomson hardware and Shimano’s incredible R785 11s group. Michael, our wheel builder extraordinaire and founder of True Love Wheels, was commissioned to build up some bomber DT Swiss 350 Centerlock hubs to H Plus Son Archetype rims. This is one of the most forgiving and resilient commuter setups you can build!

Another detail worth mentioning is the introduction of Shimano’s new RS-785 brake caliper, which features their new straight-fitting hose and innovative bleed port system. Say goodbye to the banjo, and hello to a olive-and-barb style fitting on both ends!

There are too many little details to list here, so if you have any questions just email me!

Posted by on November 7th 2014