The New Moots Adventure Bike – Routt & Routt 45

Motos Routt 45 Full

Since revising the Psychlo X geometry away from a traditional cyclocross bike to a more gravel and adventure-oriented design, Moots decided a change in model name was necessary. Moots is located in Steamboat, located in Routt County. The “45” designation refers to the optional 450mm chainstay upgrade, and also happens to be a road passing through Steamboat, Route 45 – Routt 45. Still with me?

The updated Routt and Routt 45 geometry features a lower bottom bracket shell, a slacker, taller headtube, and substantially longer chainstays for the Routt 45. All of these updates move this bike into more comfortable and stable territory. Gone is the twitchy, over-the-front-axle feeling of a dedicated cross racer.

The Routt/Routt 45 model is a comfortable, all day in the saddle, go anywhere, Instagram a selfie to flaunt your adventure, bike.

Moots Routt 45 All Balck Decal

The bike photographed here is rocking a DT Swiss  through axle in the rear and the Whisky No9 fork is running a 15mm Maxle, helping to keep the rotors perfectly aligned and the frame/fork as stiff as can be. One issue we uncovered is a lack of 142x12mm 11s hubs. This through axle standard is a product of the MTB world, and Shimano’s new MTB 11s cassette will work on a 10s freehub body. Not much need to innovate there. However, DT Swiss uses a plug-and-play system with their freehub bodies and end caps, so you can easily upgrade their 240 centerlock hubset to an 11 speed freehub body and matching 142×12 end caps. Doable on almost any modern DT Swiss 240/350 Disc hubsets. However, noticing the need for this rear hub configuration, DT Swiss has officially launched a new 240 hub setup for this application.

Moots Routt 45 With Schwalbe Thunder Burt 650b 27.5 2.1While this frame normally accomodates up to a 700x40c tire, this frame also affords the optional use of a 650b/27.5″ MTB wheelset with gigantic tires. Initially the bike featured above was running Schwalbe Thunderburt 27.5″ x 2.1″ tubeless tires, but the chainstays were getting rubbed the wrong way. Downsizing to the Compass Babyshoe Pass 650b x 42c allows for plenty of room, and sets up tubeless nicely. The Extra Light version used here is, however, a delicate tire. Supper supple casing like this with no puncture protection is some risky business, but the ride is superb and well worth trying out. Just bring a tube in case your sealant doesn’t plug the impending puncture. In the end, this tire is a place holder for a proper ultra light XC tire… Still waiting for Maxxis to begin shipping the Pace, their new 27.5″ x 1.95″ XC shoe, within the US.

Other noteworthy details include Ti King Cages that were bead blasted by Moots, a component only available from Moots and an item we stock. The rear fender mounts are a smart upgrade, and rack mounts on the monostay are also available. A pewter Chris King I7 headset and threaded King bottom bracket keep it low key. However, it’s the Moots post, stem and headset spacers that tie it all together. The Moots post is made of thin walled titanium which allows a generous amount of flex, especially in the layback model, making it an all time favorite for many riders.

Altogether, the geometry is phenomenal. It’s smooth, light and much faster than it looks. It’s almost too hard to explain – just ride one if you get the chance! As is, it will keep up with most roadie groups, but you can turn onto the rougher stuff and keep on going where road bikes wouldn’t dare tread.

There are lots of  ways to get your kicks, and for the most part I would agree with the critics of such an expensive adventure bike. But if you want the sportiest, most uncompromising countryside rock-machine with immediately recognizable class, style and simplicity, email me.

Posted by on October 7th 2014