Hydro-Electric: Moots Vamoots Disc Road

Moots Vamoots Disc RoadMoots. Disc. Di2. Need anything else?

But seriously, unless you’re a fan of traditional rim brake caliper setups, there isn’t too much more you could ask for in a road bike. Plus, everything on this bike, from the Ti post to the 25c+ tires, is comfort oriented.

Looking up front, the stock headtube on these are the 44mm variety. The fork, however, is only tapered to 1-1/4 instead of the familiar 1-1/5 taper found on cross and mountain bikes. The benefit is a slightly smoother road feel on the handlebars without losing the strength needed to handle the disc brake torque.

Another feature that lends comfort to this ride is the generous tire clearance. I’ve seen tires in the 30c range fit with just enough clearance. This bike is rolling on Grand Prix 4000s 25c tires on wide HED Belgium Plus rims. A pretty comfortable tire-rim combination that several customers have .

So, this is a super comfortable road bike, but with geometry, overall weight, and feel of a true road race machine.

We have several Moots built and ready to ride. We even have a Disc Road built with Ultegra Di2 just like the one featured here. Swing by anytime to take a ride!

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Posted by on September 24th 2014