Get Pumped – Silca Super Pista Ultimate Made In The USA

Silca Super Pista Ultimate Full ViewSilca has been revived, and production is shifting to the USA! There isn’t a single tool a cyclist uses more than their floor pump. Some are simply inflating their tires to get to work, others are trying to get that perfect pressure for their tubeless cyclocross tires. Whatever the application, this is the smoothest and most accurate way to get pumped.

Usually I pay more for light weight products, but here you get a deliberately heavy piece of metal and wood. And that’s good – the heavy base plate keeps this beauty upright and provides a large platform for a foot or two.

Silca Super Pista UltimateSide View Of BaseAn issue I’ve experienced in the past, specifically in the race pits, is the inaccuracy of most average pump gauges. The laboratory-grade gauge used on this pump is roughly 10x more accurate and is isolated from the base, floating on a separate plate to ensure reliability.

The details go far beyond the sturdy base. The hose is rated to an insane pressure – some crazy figure like 12,000psi, and comes in at a convenient 130cm long (very long). The pump head is magnetically secured to the base between uses, which can also serve as a tool holder as seen above. Silca Super Pista Ultimate Large Bore TubingOne of my favorite features is the large diameter piston rod. It’s enormous compared to any other pump on the market at any price point. A hard anodized and Teflon impregnated alloy rod glides on Igus bushings and pushes a traditional/serviceable leather washer, providing plenty of pressure.

This is simply the nicest, most beautiful pump you can get.

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Posted by on September 15th 2014