Pinarello Kobh – Team Sky Edition And Chris King Turquoise

Pinarello Kobh 60.1 Team SkyPinarello, Team Sky and Chris King must have colluded to get the color right. Not really possible though, this Kobh was re-branded back in 2012. Pinatello realigned the this model, slotting it in with their flagship Dogma line, dubbed the Dogma K. This Kobh shares the same high modulus carbon and Dogma-level asymmetrical design, but with a more compliant fork, seatstays and seatpost. It’s a Dogma for the rough stuff.

This bike is also rolling on a pair of True Love Handbuilt Wheels. A set of Chris Kings turquoise R45 hubs with matching alloy nipples is laced to some tough HED Belgium hoops. Details, details, details.

We recently built a Dogma K, nearly identical but with disc brakes. If you aren’t lucky enough to find someone stocking this 2012 or earlier Kobh, the Dogma K or Dogma K Hydro is what you’re looking for.

Check out the rest of the bike below, and email us if you have any questions!

Posted by on August 20th 2014