Moots Vamoots RSL – Why The Best Is The Best

Moots Vamoots RSL Full Featured

The beaches of Oregon are ripe with titanium. Those black and gray ribbons across the beach are actually heavy metals, and in that mix you’ll find titanium. Lots of it, in fact. Sandvik has been extracting and alloying that titanium for quite some time, producing several industrial products including some of the highest quality titanium tubing available.

Enter Moots.

Sourced mostly from the Oregon coast, born in Colorado, and ridden all over the world are Moots bicycles. This is Moots’ top of the line build. Race Super Light designates the most aggressive, lightweight and stiffest package available from Moots. Here is the road version, the Vamoots RSL.

Thanks to the use of high quality 6al 4v titanium , the RSL weighs in lighter than it’s Vamoots CR sibling. Small diameter tubing is used for the seatstays to give a compliant ride without sacrifice. Larger diameter tubing elsewhere and a PF30 bottom bracket shell provides more surface area for welds, lending to the improved power transfer. These are the few areas where you could possibly improve on the already perfect Vamoots CR.
Moots Vamoots RSL Breezer Dropouts Cutout Closeup

Other weight saving, but mostly aesthetically amazing, details include these little windows cutout from within the breezer dropouts. Beautiful. This is present on the driveside as well, however is somewhat obscured by the Di2 cable port exiting through the dropout.

Moots Vamoots RSL Stem Steertube ClampingThe oversized tubing found on the RSL frames require a equally larger diameter 30.9mm seatpost which was, in this case, topped with a black Brooks Swallow Ti saddle. However, it’s the RSL stem that which draws a greater distinction. Separated Steer tube clamp bolts and a small cutout drop some weight and add to it’s uniqueness. You might even notice how the RSL headset spacers are milled down through the middle section to save weight wherever possible.

The RSL fork’s aggressive crown drops into triangular shaped thin walled carbon tubes, reminiscent of the famed Alpha Q GS40. However, the Moots RSL forks feature carbon dropouts in place of Alpha Q’s Aluminum bonded inserts. Again, its coming down to scrutinizing the best products available and improving them.

I don’t know if you can tell but we’re in love with Moots. Fact. So… enjoy the gallery below and if you have any questions, email me!

Posted by on August 11th 2014