Shimano Wheel Sale: Dura Ace 9000 Series C75 Tubulars!

Dura Ace 9000 C75 Tubular Wheelset

Deal of the month – Dura Ace carbon tubulars!!!

Here is a new set of Dura Ace tubulars, and you can find them on sale in our new webstore! These super light 75mm deep aero wheels are straight from the pro peloton. Shimano’s 9000 series hubs are top notch. Lazer-matched ball bearings and the best quick releases combined with a 2:1 drive side to non drive side lacing pattern balances the spoke load to deliver the strongest and smoothest possible ride. All around, one of the best pre-built aero wheel systems you can buy.

Plus, most of this wheelset’s weight sits in the hubs. All of Shimano’s wheelsets have a relatively heavy hub, but light weight rims and spokes. This makes for some deceiving stats and a wheel that behaves like one of the substantially lighter options, as the weight is centered within the rotating mass and therefore doesn’t behave like a heavy wheel normally would. Rotating mass is something to watch out for, but in the rims more so than the hubs.


  • Spoke Count – 16 front, 21 rear (seriously, 21 spokes out back)
  • Width – 24mm (at the widest point, just below brake track)
  • Depth – 76.5mm
  • Front Wheel – 705g
  • Rear Wheel – 923g
  • Total  Weight – 1628g
  • Quick Release Skewers – 124g
  • Retail – $3199.99
  • Sale Price – $1650.00 Purchase here, or call us

All weights are actual, not pulled from the manufacturers website



Posted by on June 6th 2014