Breadwinner Aufderheide: Go On An Adventure This Year

Breadwinner Aufderheidi Touring Bike Side FullSeeing a resurgence in touring, and with the Oregon Outback behind us, I’ve been looking around at what everyone’s running these day. This ranges from cross country mountain bikes to road bikes with some creatively attached bags. My favorites are the gravel builds and touring setups. So, I grabbed my camera and snagged Breadwinner Aufderheide we have on the floor for a quick shoot. A perk of being a Breadwinner dealer, right?

Tony and Ira absolutely nailed the aesthetic. They went with as many polished components as possible to produce an amazing vintage vibe. A set of stainless Tubus racks, Brooks saddle and a painted-to-match frame pump kept it classy. All you need are some pannier bags full of camping gear and you could tour around the Northwest for as long as your legs, and job, will allow.

Breadwinner Aufderheidi Touring Bike Painted To Match Frame Pump

Then, pour on the style. A handmade stem, pretty paint job and traditional frame standards (1-1/8″ steertube and threaded bottom bracket) combined with modern Chris King hubs, Shimano Ultegra 3×10 drivetrain, and 45mm wide PDW Full Metal Fenders… you have super comfortable and capable bike.

This is our floor model, and the same bike the Breadwinner guys took to the bike shows to help launch the brand. Swing by and take a peek at whats possible with a modern touring bike! If you ride a 54cm frame with a 100mm stem you will want to take this little guy out for a spin!


Posted by on June 10th 2014