2014 Short Track Series, Week One

2014 Short Track Series Week One-022Dust, blood and broken chains seemed to be the general theme this round. There was mention of how this season caught folks off guard. That the realities of starting a race season came out of nowhere. Still, lots of racers made it out to the PIR infield to cheer on teammates and have a go at it themselves.

2014 Short Track Series Week One-092Besides a few crashes and broken chains, things went well. As the sun dropped low in the sky riders got a chance to size up the competition and find their own rhythm. Plus, it was an exciting race to watch! Except for those crashes… Those looked brutal, but everyone shook it off and got back on.

Anyways, I took a lot of photos, and I think a lot of them came out pretty well. My camera and myself on the other hand were covered in dust. Thanks guys. So, enjoy the photos and share them with your friends and teammates. Hey, that’s what they’re here for!

Hope to see even more familiar faces next week. Cheers till then!

Posted by on June 3rd 2014