Hands-On With Enve’s New SES Aero Handlebar

Enve SES Aero Road Handlebar FullThe latest offering from Enve’s SES program isn’t a rim, but a handlebar! Simon Smart joined forces with Enve once again to develop the most aerodynamic bar possible. A full blown race tool, the 44cm aero handlebar tapers from 42cm center to center at the hoods to 44mm at the drops for their size 44, the largest of the bunch.

Enve SES Aero Road Handlebar Flat Top Section DetailThe new handlebar put up some good numbers, weighing in at 256g. That’s a hair over their claimed weight of 250g. All things considered, not a bad weight. The first one went out on a Moots road bike, and the flared out bars were super comfortable when I went out on a test ride. The idea behind the flared drops is to close off your upper body when on the hoods, improving aerodynamics. Then, when transitioning to the drops for sprinting, you gain a couple centimeters for better leverage. Also, one would presume this design saves a couple grams.

Enve SES Aero Road Handlebar Flared DropsOne issue we did run into with this bar, and this is when using a Enve stem, is that the re isn’t much room to install a Bar Fly or K-Edge Garmin/GoPro/light mount. The narrowest of all the mounts is a K-Edge and even that required some grinding, filing and sanding to get a solid fit. If you’re a tech/data/GPS type of rider, this is something to consider.

Posted by on May 9th 2014