Pivot Mach 429 Carbon: Updated With Wolf Tooth Components Cog/Ring And Mudhugger Fenders

Pivot 429 Carbon With Wolftooth Rings And Mudhugger FendersDavid Scott’s Pivot was in the shop recently and left with a handful of sweet upgrades. The most obvious upgrade was the installation of Mudhugger fenders to keep his backside clean through the spring rainy season. David also upped his game and converted to a 1×10 drivetrain with the help of a couple Wolf Tooth Components goodies. With their narrow-wide ring and 42t large cassette cog (which fits into the stock XTR cassette with removal of the 17t cog), he is able to rock a reliable 1x drivetrain without having to start from scratch with the SRAM kit.

Rear Fender

Pivot Mach 429 Carbon With Rear Mudhugger Fender On Pike Fork Side ViewThis 29″ wheeled bike is fitted with Mudhugger’s 29″ specific rear fender, as the 26″/27.5″ rear fender is a solid 3.5″ shorter. The front fender is universal, which you can read about a little further down. The rear fender has a 5.5″ long mounting base with six different mounting points per side for zip-ties. The long base allows for maximum stability and provides plenty of space to remove some material, providing a great fit around cable and hose attachment points. In most cases the fender is easily attached without modification, like the installation featured here.

Front Fender

Pivot Mach 429 Carbon With Front Mudhugger Fender On Pike Fork Side ViewThe front Mudhugger fender is universal, providing coverage for 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. Pictured above is a Rock Shox Pike fork fitted with 29″ Mountain King 2.4″ tires. The front fender attaches with four trim-to-fit velcro straps – two on the arch and one on each leg – providing easy removal and installation.

These 29×2.4 tires are known to run big, especially if mounted to an exceptionally wide rim. Despite this, the Mudhugger front fender provides plenty of clearance.

Check out our Mudhugger webstore here to find pricing. They’re available now for local pickup or ready to be shipped anywhere in the US!

Wolftooth Components

Pivot Mach 429 Carbon With Wolftooth Components ChainringThe major upgrades to this bike included a Wolf Tooth Components 30t 104bcd ring to replace the Shimano XTR rings and front derailleur. The narrow-wide tooth profiling and clutch rear derailleur help keep the chain securely wrapped around the ring, even when smashing through your favorite rock garden. This beautifully machined chainring is available in various BCDs, 2 tooth increments from 30t – 38t, and is 100% designed and made in the USA.

Another innovative component from Wolf Tooth Components is their 42 tooth cassette cog. When converting your double to a single ring setup, you inevitably lose some high and low-end gearing. Loss of gearing at the low-end can be particularly problematic if you need to climb a hill. This 42 tooth cassette cog helps mitigate that issue, offering a ratio nearly identical to the stock 24×36 low gear. The only sacrifice is losing your 17t or 15t cog to make room for that big guy, which in reality is a fantastic compromise.  Keep in mind the cog shown is only compatible with Shimano XT and XTR 10 speed cassettes, as the shift points are properly timed to the tooth locations on the 36T Shimano cogs to optimize performance. The SRAM solution looks slightly different, but does exist. You can also order these in several colors, so check out their website!

There are a few different chainring mounting standards and a few different cog-cassette compatibility options, so give us a shout and we can help guide you through the process!

Posted by on April 23rd 2014