Moots Psychlo X: The Bike That Does It All

Moots Psychlo X Disc CommuterFor 2014, Moots has made significant changes to what was once their traditional cyclocross frame, the Psychlo X.  With the introduction of the Psychlo X RSL in 2012, Moots suddenly found themselves with a class-leading ‘cross race machine on their hands (the Psychlo X RSL won Best Cyclocross Bike at NAHBS, among many other accolades).  The Psychlo X was subsequently lost in the shadow of it’s lighter, racier younger brother.

Moots Psychlo X Disc Commuter Custom DecalsEnter the brand new 2014 Psychlo X.  What’s different?  Almost everything.  Essentially, the only thing the new Psychlo X shares with it’s previous iterations is its model name. Rather than design a bike to compete with the RSL model, Moots has chosen to completely redefine the new Psychlo X.

First of all, the Psychlo X now features a road and gravel friendly geometry.  A lowered bottom bracket shell and slackened angles mean this bike is now ideally suited to handle changing surfaces like loose dirt and gravel.  A lower center of gravity also translates into more predictable, stable handling on the road, rather than the twitchier feel of a dedicated cross race geometry. These characteristics were also built into the custom geometry found on this Psychlo X RSL we recently built up.

Moots Psychlo X Disc Commuter Rear Wishbone Curvy SeatstaysThe new Pychlo X boasts clearance for 35c tires on the stock read-end (with chainstays at 430mm), but features an optional 450 chainstay length (pictured here).  The longer stays accomplish one of two things: you can either take advantage of ample clearance for 40c tires, for those looking for the ultimate gravel-grinder/all-out adventure machine, or install full-coverage fenders (like the incredible new PDW Full Metal Fenders featured here) that can still be run with up to 35c tires.  Here in the Pacific NW, that translates into a bike that can be ridden on and off road, year-round, no excuses.

In addition to revamped geometry, the Psychlo X now comes stock with ISO disc tabs rather than cantilever brake bosses.  This move further differentiates the model from the RSL and serves its intended purpose as the ultimate road/gravel/adventure bike.  While the jury is still out as to the benefits of disc brakes on cyclocross race courses, there is no question about the advantages of superior braking on the road, whether dirt, gravel or pavement.

Moots Psychlo X Disc Commuter With Chris King i7 Tapered HeadsetThe Psychlo X now features a 44mm headtube to accept tapered forks and better accommodate disc brakes. The headtube is also taller, which, in combination with the shortened sloping top tube (when compared with the previous Psychlo X geometry), begs to be taken out on all day adventures.

With the recent explosion in popularity of the gravel-grinder category, Moots’ new Psychlo X couldn’t have dropped at a better time.  Take the purposeful design features described above, combine them with Moots’ meticulous craftsmanship and the unique performance characteristics of titanium, and Moots may well have themselves another class leader in the Psychlo X.

Whether you prefer dirt, asphalt, of a combination of the two, the Moots Psychlo X is a true lifetime bike.


Enjoy the gallery below, and as always, contact us with questions or swing by the shop to catch a glimpse of this and other Moots builds we are working on!

Posted by on February 6th 2014