Di2 Hydraulic Disc Moots Psychlo X RSL: Another Dream Bike Rolls Out

Moots Psychlo X RSL Dura Ace Di2 Hydraulic Disc

Moots makes the finest titanium bicycle frames in the world. Enve produces the highest quality and most sought-after carbon components available. Shimano has absolutely done their homework on the flawless Dura Ace 9070 group. The bike featured here is the sum of its parts.

The finishing touch is Shimano’s brand new Di2-hydraulic dual control road lever. Mechanical rim brakes and cable actuated shifting is still the standard today, but if you’re an early adopter of cutting edge technology you’re already looking well beyond “the standard.”  This build features a optimized mix of Dura Ace 9070 components and what Shimano has dubbed it’s R785 group.

On the aesthetic side of things, the stock frame decals were removed and the frame was sent to Spectrum Powderworks for finishing. There the logos were custom-sized and bead-blasted into the Moots signature satin finish. The result is the definition of understated elegance.


Hydraulic Di2 Dual Controls

Moots Psychlo X RSL Dura Ace Di2 Hydraulic Disc R785 Hood TextureShimano designed these new hoods to provide maximum grip. Unlike the other hoods available, these feature a distinct raised texture designed to prevent your hands from slipping around. After all, these dual controls levers are designed for year round use in the nastiest conditions, including cyclocross.


Read more about Shimano’s R785 in our breakdown featured here:

Hands-on With Shimano’s New Di2 Hydraulic R785 Road Components

Moots used a prototype R785 set for their Interbike showpiece, which we covered here:

Prototype: Moots Vamoots Disc Road Straight From Interbike


Freeza Rotors

Moots Psychlo X RSL Dura Ace Di2 Hydraulic Disc Freeza Fin Detail

The new Ice Tech Freeza rotors take Shimano’s rotor cooling technology to the next level. Initially, Ice Tech was a pair of steel linings adhered to an aluminum core. Freeza technology extends the aluminum core inward toward the center of the rotor. Then, cooling fins are pressed into the exposed aluminum, producing more surface area to allow the most productive heat dissipation possible.

Stages Power Meter

Offering a fresh take on power meter technology, Stages has been doing great with their non-driveside crankarm mounted power meter. Being a more budget-friendly option that is relatively universal, we have set up several bikes with with their Ant+/Bluetooth compatible meter. Available for most popular cranksets, Stages power meters are definitely something to consider when looking for a power meter.


The Frame: Moots Psychlo X RSL Custom 

The frame comes with a 44mm headtube that will accept your standard 1.125″ straight steerer tube, or will take a tapered fork with up to an 1.5″ lower bearing as seen here.  The toptube is ovalized for shouldering, while the rear-end features tapered and curved seatstays. The tube-shaping is done in-house, and is possible because Moots sources the highest quality, US manufactured seamless tubing for its bikes. Most titanium tubes start as a flat piece of titanium that get rolled and welded into a tube. A seamless, extruded tube will always be stronger, stiffer and hold up to the demands of riding, not to mention the bending and shaping of tubes that have become so prevalent in frame designs today. By using seamless tubing on all their frames, Moots has virtually eliminated any opportunity for frame failure while managing stiffness, smooth ride quality and weight savings.

The Press Fit 30 (PF30) bottom bracket is both modern, and with the use of conversion kits, universal. The Race Super Light (RSL) model of the Psychlo-X is designed for a PF30 bottom bracket as this shell offers more surface area for the downtube and chainstays to be welded to, producing the stiffest, lightest bottom end possible. Chris King produces a high quality 30mm to 24mm adapter (necessary to accommodate the 24mm Dura-Ace crankset) which, when used with their precision PF30 bottom bracket, results in buttery-smooth, problem-free performance.

Moots Psychlo X RSL Dura Ace Di2 Hydraulic Disc Rear Post Mount Tabs

The customer didn’t build this bike with the intention of competing in cyclocross. What he wanted was a sweet riding road bike that he could also take off-road when the opportunity arose. Unique to this frame is custom geometry and the 140mm post disc brake tabs. He ditched the stock frame geometry in favor of a lower BB height to give the bike a stable, confidence-inspiring ride quality while descending and cornering at high speeds.  The optional 140mm disc brake tabs are just lighter and sexier than the standard IS tabs.

In the end, this bike is one of the most lust worthy bikes to roll out of our shop. The frame is beautifully finished and built up exactly how any of us would likely spec our dream machine!

Enjoy the gallery below and give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions!

Posted by on January 29th 2014