Turner Burner Owner Loving The Ride!

Burner 2

We LOVE custom bike builds. A lot.

The only thing better than working along side a customer, piecing together their ideal bike, is hearing they’re loving the ride!

Matt was looking for something new and we nailed it! He loves his new turner Burner. We received an email from Matt, detailing the technical aspects of the suspension. We thought our friends and fans would find this insightful, so read on!

I can definitely tell this bike handles it all with ease – without losing the “feel of the trail”.  Technical spots are as good as the 29er, but you still feel what you’re riding on, which is cool.  For this reason I found myself picking more lines than on a 29er- but I didn’t have to per se, the bike just made it easy to navigate if I wanted.     Cont’d


I think in the open sections it’s just as fast as anything, but in tighter trails, cornering, transitions, cliff sides and camber… faster – with a little more confidence on the smaller wheels and feeling the trail beneath me more.  Bigger obstacles felt just fine.  I don’t know – with my size and riding style I may not lose much here from a 29er.  Will see but hard to see any limitations on this ride for the time being.  It may be the sweet spot of size and function for me.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt! Glad you’re loving your trail time with the Burner. And thanks to everyone who sends us their feedback. Keep it coming. I wish we could post more of it!

Posted by on December 6th 2013