John’s Moots Vamoots S&S Coupled Di2

John and his Moots Vamoots  S&S Dura Ace Di2 BuildJohn stopped by a few days ago to pick up his newly built Moots Vamoots CR. We build up plenty of Moots frames but not many have been as complex as this S&S coupled Vamoots with internal Di2 routing. Check out the assembly process below!

S&S Coupled MootsFirst, the S&S couplers allow the entire bike to pack down into a piece of luggage not much larger than your standard suitcase. Doesn’t sound like much, but once you open it up to find both wheels and a frame in two pieces, it all starts to make sense.

Lower Di2 Junction BoxThe next challenge was to set up the Di2 system in a way that would be most conducive to frequent assembly and dissassembly. Fortunately, this was rather easy as Shimano offers many different wire lengths and junction boxes to bring it all together, or take it all apart for that matter.

On the front portion of the bike you find the Di2 STI shifter/levers, remote climbing shifter and the main five port junction box attached to the stem. This comprises the first half of Shimano’s E-Tube wire system. Out back you have the seatpost-mounted battery and both derailleurs. Connecting the two halves of the system is a junction box in the down tube, just below the lower S&S coupler, providing the disconnect point.

Getting everything together does require a few specific steps so we decided to compile a photo gallery of the process. The order of operations is generally flexible, and is probably more dependent on access to a bike repair stand. The order prescribed below is assuming you don’t have a repair stand, and therefore begins with coupling the frame followed by installation of wheels. Take a look:

S&S Coupled Moots

Junction box connecting the two halves of the Di2

John and his Moots Vamoots  S&S Dura Ace Di2 Build

Posted by on September 27th 2013