Fresh Frame: Breadwinner Holeshot in Blue

Ira Ryan Delivering a HoleshotIra Ryan’s mohawk stopped in today with some Breadwinner goods. He slipped us a blue on blue Holeshot with a painted-to-match ENVE CX fork. We snapped a few detail photos because this frameset is definitely worth a quick look. If you’re interested in a closer look, we have several breadwinner bikes and framesets around the shop for you to see, touch and ride. Remember, ‘cross season is just around the corner. Enjoy!
Breadwinner Holeshot Badging`Breadwinner BadgingBreadwinner HeadbadgeBreadwinner Holeshot Front Derailleur Cable Stop Detailv

Breadwinner Holeshot Top Tube Cable Stop Detail

Posted by on July 31st 2013