We’re Now An Independent Fabrication Dealer

Cyclepath is excited to announce that we’re now an authorized Independent Fabrication Dealer.  For those who don’t know, Independent Fabrication is a small employee-owned and operated bicycle company who hand-craft top quality bicycles in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA.

Commonly referred to as Indy Fab or IF, Independent Fabrication is world-renowned for their custom bicycle creations in steel, titanium, carbon fiber and many variations there-in.  Among their vast accomplishments, Indy Fab has twice won Bicycling Magazine’s “Bike of the Year” for their gorgeous carbon-tubed, titanium-lugged XS road frame.

We think Indy Fab will provide the perfect compliment to our current offerings at Cyclepath.  These guys are all about taking custom to another level and pushing the limits of what’s possible.  In their own words:

“Designing and building custom bicycle frames is a fusion of art with science. It requires radical ideas tempered by scientific notions…We make light metals stronger and strong metals lighter. We use the finest, most technically advanced steel tubing, the strongest titanium, and a variety of carbon fibers to mold your vision into a tangible work of art…It would be naïve for us to think that other builders weren’t using the same high-end metals and components. But it’s how we transform them that sets us apart. It’s the beauty of design and the flawlessness of the welds. It’s the rich colors that wrap every tube. It’s the sterling silver head badge that marks the final seal of approval.”

Stop on by to chat with us about Independent Fabrication. We’re excited to see where this new relationship will lead…



Posted by on January 31st 2013